A comfortable bed is essential for getting a good rest

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When it comes to home furnishings, the bed is definitely the one item people want to be the most comfortable possible. When you lie down to rest, you want your body to relax so you can allow the worries of the day to drift away.

If your room is too cold and you do not have a good heating system, such as radiant floor heating, you could spend the night tossing and turning to keep warm by curling underneath your blankets.

There is an excellent solution to this problem: A heated mattress pad is one of the best ways to create a warm and comfortable environment for you to sleep in. This item is available as either a layer style or an encasement style.

The Layer Design

This is the more common style, which places the pad on top of the mattress or the sheet used to cover the mattress. It is a thin design and is available in a comfortable polyester microfiber that protects and hides the inside wires. Depending on the size selected and the manufacturer, this style can come with one or two controllers for easily and safely adjusting the temperature.

Couples who share a bed often prefer the double controller model because each person can adjust the setting to the temperature they wish to have.

The Encased Design

This design fits over your mattress and comes with a zipper on one side for easy placement.

When shopping for pads you can use on your bed, and you will see some styles that include some extra items.

The foam mattress pad comes with the foam placed over as part of the set. This is not a heated style but is designed to provide extra comfort.

The foam is also a ventilating agent that also helps keep people cooler during the night. This is good to use during the hot summer months and can be used all year by pregnant and menopausal women who suffer from night sweats. There is nothing like a good memory foam mattress topper on top of your bed to give you that incredibly comfortable night’s sleep.

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