Pine bunk beds are available in many different styles

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Buying a bunk bed made of pine is a popular option because its light color always looks modern and fresh and blends well with other types and colors of furnishings. It will also not overwhelm the room with a dark color…important if you are cramped for space and the bed will take up a large portion of the bedroom. 

Pine bunk beds are also not as squeaky as a metal bed will be as you won’t have metal rubbing against metal, causing extra noise in the night and disturbing light sleepers.

For those of you on a budget (and who aren’t nowadays), bunk bed frames made of pine are less expensive to buy than other hardwoods because pine grows much faster and is softer and easier to work with. Because it is softer, it is more prone to getting dents in it, so you may want to consider that if you are thinking of buying this type of bed for some unruly children.

If you are concerned about the environment, pine is a renewable resource and can be recycled or safely burned. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your pine bunk beds are made of safe material for the environment. Many kinds of wood have a covering that is made of plastic to make them look like more expensive woods. Plastic is a petroleum product that is not always recyclable.

When shopping for a pine bunk bed, pay attention to how sturdy the wood is. You will often have to assemble the bed yourself, and you want to make sure that the pine will not split when tightening the bolts. Inspect the corner posts to see how thick they are.

Pine bunk beds are available in many different styles. Probably the most commonly purchased one is the standard twin over twin style as it is the most affordable and does a great job of providing extra space in a room. 

If you are planning for your children to use the bunk bed for a long time, even when they are teenagers, you may want to invest in a double over double bunk bed because then you won’t have to buy a new larger one in a few years as your children grow. You can even buy this type of bed in an “L” shape that has room for a desk under the higher bunk!

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