Single Bed Basics: There are plenty of tasteful products to choose from

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I think it’s fair to say that buying a single bed doesn’t get the heart racing in anticipation. This is a practical purchase for your children or your guests, and as such, the great interior designers have somewhat overlooked this humble but essential bed

Nevertheless, whatever type of single bed, bed frame, or bedding you are looking for, I’m sure it’s important to you that your purchase is of the highest quality and that it adds to the overall interior design scheme of your home, cheap single beds shouldn’t be an option. 

There are plenty of tasteful products to choose from, and I hope, with this handy online guide, I can help to make the process of finding the single right bed easier while at the same time introducing you to some of the better and more inspiring products available.

Let’s define some of the different types of single beds available.

Basic Single bed and/or single bed frame – A typical bed for your guest or kid’s bedroom will consist of a mattress sitting on a box spring base, which provides additional suspension for the mattress, or a bed frame with slats. 

You will normally buy the frame and mattress separately in the latter case. Consider a platform bed if you just want a mattress sitting on a wooden base without a bed frame.

Single Sofa Bed: As the name suggests, this is a sofa that transforms into a single bed. Unlike double sofa beds, the conversion is usually more straightforward, just requiring the removal of the sofa cushions. It’s often helpful to look for a model with storage draws built in to house the spare bedding.

Single Divan Bed: The divan bed is the equivalent of a “day bed” in the US. While not quite a sofa bed, this type of bed would be used in a living area where during the day as a backless sofa, probably pushed against a wall with pillows or cushions, and can convert into a bed for guests at night.

Single Fold Out Bed or Camp Bed – Probably the cheapest and most basic option. These beds are pretty rudimentary and lack much comfort, but they do have the advantage of saving space. They can be folded up with their thin mattresses and stored away.

Twin Beds: To avoid confusion, or perhaps add some (!), a twin bed is nothing more than a single bed! Both hotels and family guest rooms are very common to supply twin beds, but these aren’t special sized beds, merely two single beds together.

Accessories and other considerations

At the same time as buying your single bed, you will need to purchase or consider some other items.

1. Single bed bedding – Obviously, but it’s worth making the point that because many single beds are very plain in design, it is with the bedding that you can have some fun and create an interior design statement. If chosen with care, duvet covers, pillowcases, blankets, and sheets, will bring your bed and room to life.

2. Head Board – No essential, but if you’re not buying a single bed frame, then a headboard can add some style to what will otherwise be a very non-descript bed.

3. Single bed Mattress – It can’t be stressed enough that this is the most important part of any bed. A good quality mattress is an absolute necessity for your posture and comfort. If your budget is tight, you are better off cutting back on the cost of the frame rather than scrimping on the mattress

4. Materials – A single pine bed is one of the most popular choices for bed frames, which is unsurprising as it is a simple and, more importantly, durable material. However, there are other choices. Wrought iron or steel frames are also available.


As with all types of furniture, there is a broad range of prices to suit your budget, including some cheap single beds of a decent quality. Forgetting about the mattress, which is a separate topic of its own, the cost of a bed frame ranges from as little as £50 to as much as £1000. Over the following pages, I will show you some of my favorite models at various prices. Hopefully, something to suit everybody. Enjoy!

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