Single bedding will emphasize the importance of the bed frame or the quality of the mattress

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Once you have determined which type of single bed is right for you, and have chosen a suitable single mattress, now the joy of interior decoration begins, and you can throw yourself into the fun of picking out single bedding. Naturally, when a bed or mattress salesperson talks to you about a new bed, they will emphasize the importance of the bed frame or the quality of the mattress. 

This is all well and good but let’s face it, the bed is usually the focal point of any bedroom, and the only thing that will really bring this focal point to life and tie all your interiors together is the bedding. Get that right, and everything else just seems to drop into place. Easier said than done! Let’s take a look at some of the different single bed bedding options.

Single bed linen

If you’re looking to impress in your guest bedroom, then I would buy Egyptian cotton sheets every time. Widely considered to be the highest quality bed linens, Egyptian cotton looks great, feels great, and is long-lasting. Forget the whole thread count debate and treat yourself.

For a child’s single bed, then something simpler is probably in order, given how messy your sweet children can be. Here something with a decent thread count would be nice, but again, there’s no need to go crazy.

Single bed covers

Are you considering something like a single bed quilt cover, or are you happy to just cover the bed with a duvet? These are important decisions as this will, most likely, determine the overall look of the bed and, therefore, the whole room. Here are a couple of design tips to consider. 

If you buy two contrasting sets of bed covers, you can keep the look of the room fresh and novel. You could have one set in strong warm colors for the winter months and the other in a cool and crisp shade for those summer days. 

Take into consideration the existing decoration. If the walls are already bright and colorful, then perhaps something more low-key in your choice of bedding would be a good idea to prevent your room from looking too “busy.” Of course, if the room and furniture have more of a neutral shade, then spice it up with some colorful bedding. Certainly, make sure that the bedding doesn’t clash with the predominant color of the room.

Completing the look with a single bed set

If you want to make life easy on yourself, then you might want to consider a bed set. Basically, this involves buying your single bed along with matching furniture like bedside tables, chest of drawers, wardrobe, and vanity dresser. This will create such a strong overall theme to the room that it should become quite obvious which kind of linen will best suit. 

Generally speaking, keep the linen modern and muted so that it doesn’t try and compete with all the furniture. Personally, I prefer a more eclectic mix of pieces and furnishings in my home, but I appreciate that not everybody has the time to search for all the perfect pieces of furniture individually

I should mention that a single bed linen set refers to an all-in-one purchase of matching pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers, and these are definitely a great idea. You certainly don’t need odd and mismatched pieces of bedding.

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